Surprise Recognitions Features just announced!

Two new client-requested Recognitions features live now inside your Lead With Purpose platform!

Recognitions Slide Show

Now, you can show recognitions on a monitor 24/7, or as your employees are coming into your All-Hands monthly meetings, or anywhere else! We’ve created an easy-to-use feature to display your company’s recognitions in a full-screen, slideshow format by toggling it on/off right within the Recognitions tab.

External Recognitions

It’s now possible to send recognitions to recipients who are not members on your Lead With Purpose platform! Not only will they receive their recognition in email format, but they have the ability to view it online. These recognitions will also show in the Recognitions feed within your platform for all members to view and continue building your company’s E3 Culture!


If you want to hear Marc and Anja talk about both of these new features, how they work, and how they will help you Course Correct the top Employee Productivity Killers, watch the replay of March’s Deep Dive now!