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Meet Our Team

We are passionate about serving our clients and making an impact on the world. We aim to help others lead purposeful lives.

We are Lead With Purpose

Engaged, empowered, encouraged and aligned. These are the words that describe Lead With Purpose.

Forged by the sea.

Tailored for land.

About Lead With Purpose

In 1988, Marc joined the U.S. Nuclear Submarine Force. The U.S. Navy invested $1 million dollars teaching him how to be a leader. Marc put that into use by leading 110 men, average age of 23, to operate a $1 billion dollar nuclear submarine on a variety of missions critical to national security.

The Elite Leadership culture and environment that he was exposed to showed him exactly what it takes to build a high-performance team that can operate in a dynamically changing environment. After 6 years of being out at sea for 80% of the year, Marc made the choice to leave the U.S. Navy.

Marc went to work for Honeywell where he learned how to read a profit and loss statement, put together big company strategic plans, and became a master black belt in Lean Six Sigma.

When his daughters were 6, 4, and 2, he could either climb Honeywell’s corporate ladder or be at every back to school night, choir performance, and soccer practice. He chose the latter and started his own one-man management consulting firm.

Over the course of ten years, Marc was brought into numerous distressed companies as an interim CEO/COO. He developed a reputation as someone who could tackle the worst business situations. Marc has led many companies on the verge of going under back to profitability. It was during this time that Marc witnessed the power of the human spirit and the role of a leader to inspire and help everyone reach their full potential.

Koehler realized that what the world needs isn’t more management systems – it needs more leadership.

Meet Our Team

Marc Koehler

President and CEO

Liesel Koehler

Chief of Staff

Kim Touchton

Chief Marketing Officer

Anja Koehler

Vice President of Client Experience

Derek Barber

Chief Technology Officer

Boris Barroso

Senior Software Developer