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Imagine if you had one place that gave you all the tools to get your team 100% aligned, empowered, and engaged. We have cracked the code to your success as a business leader in The Lead With Purpose Platform. Get started today for free.

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Today’s dynamically changing world requires the unified efforts of a strong team. Keeping your team connected is the number one challenge for all CEOs today. We have cracked that code and it is now available to everyone within the Lead With Purpose Platform.

The Lead With Purpose Platform provides a cloud-based tool to build and fortify your team's culture. Our platform distills 30+ years of Marc Koehler’s leadership experiences in the US Nuclear Submarine Force and as a turnaround CEO. Sign up for FREE and get started today!

After you sign up, you are not alone! In addition to our software platform, we have educational and training resources to ensure your journey is a success.

The Lead With Purpose Platform


Sign up today for our cloud-based software application that will transform your business and help to get your entire team fully engaged and 100% aligned.

Get started today for free and then bring your entire team into the platform at cost-effective per-seat pricing. Don't hesitate start unlocking your leadership potential.

Courses & Coaching


A perfect companion to the Lead With Purpose platform. Our online courses instill the best practices to execute with discipline and foster a culture of teamwork, learning, and collaboration.

We also have personalized in-person or virtual coaching packages with Marc Koehler in which he will work with you and your team to implement the Lead With Purpose Leadership Framework.


100% engaged and aligned

Collectively managing the speed of business

Holding themselves and each other accountable

Executing goals with discipline

Empowered to make decisions

Coaching and mentoring other employees to success

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Helping People Lead More Purposeful Lives. This is our purpose and what we are passionate about. Lead With Purpose provides business owners a set of powerful tools and best practices to help get everyone on the same page, passionate about what they are doing, and focused on what matters most. We strongly believe that anyone can use Lead With Purpose to become a stronger leader in all areas of life.

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Join the ranks of top leaders who are using the Lead With Purpose platform to transform their businesses and create exceptional teams that are 100% engaged and aligned.


Business Leaders on Lead With Purpose

Hear from business leaders who have experienced first-hand how the Lead With Purpose Platform transformed their team cultures.

Years ago we dreamed of alignment. The Lead With Purpose Platform helped us to realize that dream.

Todd Mattson

CEO at Proline

Lead With Purpose has helped us to grow and flourish, giving a sense of success beyond just financials and to our larger impact in the world.

Gary F. Brock

CEO of Charlan Brock Architects

Lead With Purpose has helped us to achieve amazing results every single day

Troy Hoffman

CEO at Simpluris

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“Every day, we wake to new challenges and shifting circumstances. Managing the chaos can feel overwhelming, but we know there’s hope. Lead With Purpose offers practical & affordable tools for regaining control over your life and building the values that will support your mission to thrive. Let’s focus on what matters most.”

Marc Koehler

Owner, Lead With Purpose

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