Founder Marc Koehler

After six tours, Marc left the Navy with over a million dollars in leadership training and began working as a interim CEO turning around troubled companies. Read more about Marc’s journey to founding Lead With Purpose.

Bringing Teams Together

With 35+ years of leadership experience as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer, Turnaround CEO, Business Owner, and Keynote Speaker, Marc Koehler founded Lead With Purpose to offer support, consultation, and training on a larger scale to companies in need. Through C-Suite Advisory Services and SHRM-Certified Enterprise Programs, Marc has impacted hundreds of companies and developed over 56,000 leaders at all levels of their organizations.

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What Marc is passionate about

Decreasing employee stress levels
Creating a strong work culture
Building a passionately focused team
Increasing employee retention
Attracting more hires
Making work feel like a second family

Marc turned $1M in training and 35+ years of leadership experience as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer and turnaround CEO into alignment, strategic, and leadership programs used by hundreds of companies to create engaged, motivated, and successful teams as well as profitable, stable, and thriving companies.

The Building Blocks

In 1988, Marc joined the U.S. Nuclear Submarine Force. The U.S. Navy invested $1 million dollars teaching him how to be a leader. Marc put that into use by leading 110 men to operate a $1 billion dollar nuclear submarine on a variety of missions critical to national security.

The world class culture and environment that he was exposed to showed him exactly what it takes to build a high-performance team that can operate in a dynamically changing environment. After 6 years of being out at sea for 80% of the year, Marc made the choice to leave the U.S. Navy.

Marc went to work for Honeywell where he learned how to read a profit and loss statement, put together big company strategic plans, and became a master black belt in Lean Six Sigma.

When his daughters were 6, 4, and 2, he could either climb Honeywell’s corporate ladder or be at every back to school night, choir performance, and soccer practice. He chose the latter and started his own one-man management consulting firm.

How We Started

During the last 15 years, Marc has been brought into numerous distressed companies as an interim CEO/COO. He developed a reputation as someone who could tackle the worst business situations. Marc has led many companies on the verge of going out of business back to profitability. During this time, Marc witnessed the power of the human spirit and the role of a leader to inspire and help everyone reach their full potential.

Koehler decided that a new approach was needed. “I realized that all humans crave simple messages that are meaningful to their lives, want to belong to something bigger than themselves, and get excited when they know they are making a difference to others in the world,” he says. This realization inspired him to rethink how to help engage, empower, and encourage employees to reach their full potential.

Lead With Purpose Success Stories

“Years ago we dreamed of alignment. Marc Koehler and Lead With Purpose helped us to realize that dream.”
Todd Mattson
CEO at Proline
“The whole point of it is to take a lot of complex goals and simplify them down to a one page plan.”
Dan England
General Manager at Simpluris