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The Lead With Purpose Platform

You’ll reach your company’s highest potential if you reach the heart of your people.

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The Lead With Purpose platform takes what has been complicated in leadership frameworks of the past and simplifies it down to what your team actually needs: connection, meaningful messages, relationships, and to know how what they do connects to making a difference in the world.

The simple, user-friendly web platform and mobile app for iOS and Android have been designed in such a way to clear out noise and confusion so your team has clarity and confidence.

Agile alignment on one-page.

It’s time to throw out the binder. Taken from the one-page Captain’s Plan on U.S. nuclear submarines that serve to align teams of 110 throughout highly dynamic missions and challenges, the Lead With Purpose alignment plan allows your entire company to know the mission and current goals — and the part they play in those — while still being extremely adaptable in the face of constant change.

Recognitions in real-time.

Cultures that recognize their employees just one time per month increase their engagement from 30% to 66%. In this epidemic of employee burnout and turnover, instilling real-time recognitions into your leadership and culture have never been more important. Incorporating research-backed features, the Lead With Purpose platform allows team members to be recognized immediately, and publicly via the Recognitions Tool, tying their actions to your company’s purpose or values.

Develop leaders at every level 24/7/365.

Leadership can be learned by any employee, anytime. The Lead With Purpose platform develops Fast Attack Leaders who are empowered to make decisions, problem-solve, and encourage others through the University and the Fast Attack framework that accompanies the platform.

Built-in accountability.

Goals are 84% likely to be met when an E3 Culture is in place and updates are given weekly. The Lead With Purpose platform makes progress updates and communication easier than ever before, with automated reminders, weekly logs for leadership meetings, and more.

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