April Platform and Updates: Recognition is the Key!

Did you know that when employees are recognized for their efforts at least once in the past month, the rate at which employees rank their level of engagement rises from 30% to 66%?

Great news, you can now send a recognition to contractors and individuals that are outside of your company through the external recognition feature!

We’ve made it possible for you to:

Create an external recognition profile and send a recognition to individuals outside your organization

  • Display your recognitions in a slideshow format
  • The slideshow display is a great feature for all hands meetings to celebrate the great work your team has accomplished!

    These updates are live now on both your Lead With Purpose platform and mobile app!

    **Bonus update: recognition statistics and an enhanced commenting functionality have been added to the Lead With Purpose mobile app!

    Watch the video below from our VP of Client Experience, Anja Koehler as she goes over even more information for you about this month’s recognition updates!

Visit the Resource center inside your platform to learn step-by-step how to use all the new features, and stay tuned!

Next month we will be rolling out more features and updates for you.