Introducing… The Lead With Purpose Community!

This update has been in the works for a while, and we are excited to open it up to you! 

Today we are officially launching the Lead With Purpose Community, right inside of your platform! This will be a place where we can learn from one another and tap into the collective genius of how leadership looks across different industries. We’ve seen how transformative this has been in our Bootcamps across the US, and are excited to be better together on our LWP platform.

The Community brings:

  • A place to share & communicate with one another about trends, leadership, and more
  • Channels (on the lefthand side) introduce yourself, support, news, and VIP call access
  • Live VIP Community Calls every 1st/3rd Thursday of the month at 9AM PT

We are extremely excited to support the community with Weekly calls with Anja Koehler bringing you the opportunity to join from wherever you are. Download the link in the email or from the Community forum to join our first community call next week on thursday July 20th at 9am PT or 12pm EST.

As a part of the Lead With Purpose Community, we ask that you always uphold community guidelines while posting and interacting with others. Keep in mind that when you post in the community that it is viewed by all plans company wide on the platform.

Watch the video below from our VP of Client Experience, Anja Koehler as she goes over even more information on the new Community, VIP Calls, and more!

We look forward to enjoying the community with you. Visit the Resource center inside your platform to learn step-by-step how to use all the new features, and stay tuned! See you next time, and Make it a great day!

The Lead With Purpose Team