Introducing the brand new Lead With Purpose University

We’re making it a great day at Lead With Purpose because today we are launching a brand new tool inside your Lead With Purpose platform that we have been working on for more than a year.

It’s called the Lead With Purpose University, and it contains your courses, videos and books that allow you to develop your Fast Attack Leaders who foster and build an E3 Culture within your organization.

Top 3 reasons why we felt making this tool available to you at the start of 2023 was crucial

  1. We know the segments of the workforce that are still feeling the most burn-out and stress in this new, disruptive world are the E3 Leaders and above – all the way to C-Suite and CEO’s.
  2. Your employees are craving to feel value and be valued at work. Their mindset has shifted around the definition of success, and they are wanting to make an impact and be connected to something bigger than themselves, now more than ever before.
  3. Disruptions are the new normal. Problems are going to come faster and quicker than they ever have. What’s needed is what we call “Leadership Readiness” for every one of your employees.

We are so excited for you to attack 2023 fully armed with the tools you need to manage disruption and change.

You can find how-to and helpful videos in the Resources section of your platform.

Now let’s go out and create a company of leaders at every level!

– Marc