How To Turn Around Your Employee Engagement

Six weeks ago we learned from Gallup ( ) that employee engagement began declining over the last two years for the first time in 10 years, down 4% from 2020’s engagement numbers and expected to continue its downward trajectory.

At the same time that Gallup as sharing that disheartening news, our 300+ employee client was receiving the results of their engagement survey. For six months they had been focusing on creating an E3 Culture and Fast Attack Leaders using Lead With Purpose’s one simple, cloud-based tool — a completely different approach than the complex program they had previously been using.

The results were staggering.

Not only did our client’s results rebound from the same downward trend being seen all across the U.S, but in just 6 short months their company-wide engagement increased by an incredible 5%. To put this in perspective, that’s $2,136 per employee they recovered in annual revenue.

In this new relentless pace of disruption, it is possible to thrive when you have a Fully Aligned, Highly Adaptable, World-Class Team that Executes at the Highest Level. Lead With Purpose allows you to build that team with one simple, cloud-based tool developed from over 35 years of experience by Nuclear Submarine Officer and Turnaround CEO, Marc Koehler.

The stakes are high and there’s no time to waste, so we’ve created a Free Trial for you to test the waters as you lead forward: