Leadership Courses

The program distills the core leadership principles from Marc Koehler's 30+ years of experiences as an Officer in the US Nuclear Submarine Force and turnaround CEO working with thousands of business leaders.

He developed the Engage, Empower, and Encourage framework to help create strong teams. Enroll in the courses below to dramatically accelerate the learning curve to reach your full leadership potential.

E1: One-Page Alignment Plan

6-Week online course to lead your team to create a one page business plan that will get your entire company fully engaged and 100% aligned.


E2: Effective Meetings

An 8-part course teaches you the six types of meetings that you can instill at your company to bring your one page alignment plan to life and foster a culture of teamwork, accountability, and learning.


E3: Impactful Recognitions

9-part course details a Recognition system born out of the US Nuclear Submarine force that you can implement at your company to motivate people and build a strong culture.


E4: 1on1 Coaching

8-part course that teaches you everything you need to know along with the tools you can use to implement a one-on-one coaching system in your entire company.


Get the award winning book that started it all and is the foundation for all our courses.

“Years ago we dreamed of alignment. Now we have it with a One Page Alignment Plan!”
Todd Mattson, President and CEO of Proline Racing