Build a Culture
of Wellbeing

Create Engaged, Motivated, Healthy,
and Happy Employees

Are you Having These Common Workforce Challenges?

  • Employees feeling stressed and overwhelmed as the line between work and home blurs
  • Struggling to retain key employees from leaving
  • Workplace culture not as strong as it could be
  • Not a workplace of choice so unable to attract and recruit talent
  • Current wellness participation rates are low
  • Absenteeism is impacting the team productivity

Well-Being Program Benefits

People perform better when they are engaged and feel supported. A holistic well-being program helps your company create a workplace culture where employees are less stressed, have more energy, and are happier and healthier.

Strong Alignment with the inspiring life story engages people showing them how they belong to something bigger than themselves.
Engaged employees go above and beyond and give the extra discretionary effort that drives productivity.
When employees are engaged and know their company cares for them, they are more loyal and it is easier to retain them.

Why is Our Program so Effective?

  • FOR EVERYONE:For all employees through all ages and stages of life
  • HOLISTIC:Flexible wellbeing options in the areas of mind, health, spirit, financial, and learning
  • FOR FAMILIES:A company benefit for the families of your employees
  • FIND PURPOSE:Tools to help people find their purpose.
  • SIMPLE:The Cloud-based step-by-step onboarding course with 14 Video Tutorials and Workbooks
  • TRACK GOALS:Each employee and their family members can track and monitor their progress on The Purpose Platform

The Purpose Platform

Simple to use, flexible cloud-based platform that integrates Mind, Health, Spirit, and Financial fitness programs to increase employee engagement and participation.

"Successful Businesses are built on an engaged, healthy, anxious-free, happy workforce"
- Marc Koehler

Help Your Employees Achieve more Harmony and Balance

Contact our team and let us help you create a strong work culture where employees are engaged, empowered, happy, and healthy.

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