Tools for A Stronger Business

Create a Collective Commitment for Achieving Goals

Every day we wake to a sea of infinite opportunities and challenges. While business leaders know that success in today’s dynamically changing world requires the unified efforts of a strong team, many aren’t armed with the tools and methodologies for building and leading one.

We believe leaders can use the Engage, Empower, Encourage (E3) Leadership Framework which was forged out of Marc Koehler’s experiences in the US Nuclear Submarine Force and what he used to be a successful turnaround CEO. It consists of three steps.


Create a Plan to Get Everyone Engaged & Aligned


Instill Habits & Routines to Execute with Discipline


Develop, Coach, and Mentor People to Success

Whether you choose the E3 Leadership Platform, E3 Leadership School, or E3 Coaching, E3 is woven into everything we do and will help you develop a powerful team where every employee feels engaged and is empowered to make decisions

E3 Leadership Platform

Cloud-based platform puts a simple set of Engage, Empower, Encourage tools in one place so you can create a strong team that collectively drives results and manages change. Leadership tools include:

  • ONE-PAGE SUCCESS PLAN: Drive clarity and alignment by distilling your entire business onto a single page. The simple blueprint for success you create includes your inspiring purpose, vision, values, along with a set of cascading goals over different time periods.
  • GOAL TRACKING: Employees stay focused on what matters most by tracking their goals. Updates are automatically sent to the entire team.
  • CULTURE BUILDING RECOGNITION SYSTEM: Give every employee the ability to easily send values based recognitions to each other.
  • WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT: Weekly email compiles and summarizes the progress each department made on goals and tasks.
  • IMPACTFUL MEETINGS: Empowers your team to effectively run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings.
  • UNLIMITED LEADERS: Connect an unlimited number of employees and develop everyone in your company to be an E3 leader.

“After eight years in business, I finally have everyone on the same page going in the same direction. The recognition and rewards tool created specifically for us is helping us to strengthen our culture.”

Ron Cottrell, President, Active Mobility

It’s time to set the foundation for building a More Engaged Team - Better Equipped Leaders - Stronger Company