Looking to get your group Engaged and Feeling Empowered?

I am passionate about helping others find meaning and Lead More Purposeful and Inspiring Lives.

An experienced storyteller, I connect with audiences by tapping into 30+ years of leadership experiences as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer, Turnaround CEO, Business Owner, Father, Husband, and Human Being and share openly not only what helped me to be successful, but also my challenges and failures. I would be honored to speak at your event and inspire your attendees to reach their full potential!

Why Book Marc?

Sought After Leadership Expert and Turnaround CEO

Founder Lead With Purpose and Family With Purpose

Award Winning Leadership Author

Coaching thousands of CEO’s over 30 years, Marc Koehler distilled effective leadership into three distinct skills that any person can learn and then use to create an engaged team that is empowered to make decisions.

He crafts inspiring stories and relevant real-life lessons including how to create strong teams, motivate employees, become a stronger spouse and parent, and successfully navigate the dynamically changing world.

"Marc's keynote on Achieving Harmony was the best one we have had in our 38 years and made a huge impact on the lives of our Members and their Spouses."

- Mike Sackett, Director of Events, CGNA Worldwide

Who Has Heard Marc Speak

Marc's Most Requested Topics

Select a topic that is perfect for your event or collaborate with Marc to customize a keynote that addresses the unique challenges and goals of your attendees.

  • Achieving Harmony & Balance

    Learn the 5 steps to creating more harmony and balance among your personal, family, and business lives.

  • The Engagement Blueprint

    Success today is through an engaged team that is empowered to make decisions. Learn the tools and skills you need as a leader to get everyone galvanized around a common purpose and shared set of goals and in 60 days create a team that collectively manages change, drives results, and executes with discipline.

  • 3 Keys to a 100% Aligned Team

    Alignment is the key to success today. Marc shares the three things that you need to do as a leader to get everyone on your team aligned and rowing together at the same time in the same direction.

  • 6 Leadership Lessons from the US Nuclear Submarine Force

    Marc reveals the six leadership lessons he learned while helping 110 men operate a $1 Billion nuclear submarine on missions critical to national security.

  • Becoming an Empowering Leader

    To be successful today, you need to push decision making as deep as possible into your organization. Learn the what you need to do so you can create a team that collectively drives results and manages change.

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"It was like I was meant to hear this. Like a reset and refocus on areas I can be better and we can be better as a family. Because of Marc’s talk, I had an hour and a half call with my wife about everything. What he does has a profound impact on people’s lives.”

To Ensure Your Event is Successful, Marc Focuses on Three Areas

1. Preparation Briefing

Preparation is the key to success in anything. It is important to Marc to understand what your attendees will have learned and experienced by attending your event. Long before ever taking the stage, Marc works with you and your team to understand your specific goals, expectations, and ideal outcomes and then customizes a keynote to meet those needs.

2. Pertinent Research

Taking the information learned in the briefing, Marc and his team complete additional research on the attendee demographic (what motivates them? What are their specific challenges?) to make sure that his keynote is relevant and engaging.

3. Transformative Storytelling

Since the earliest of times, humans have used stories to make sense of their world and communicate complex issues. Marc taps into his powerful storytelling skills to create an engaging and interactive experience designed to connect emotionally with your audience and stir them to action.

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