Create an Engaged Team Aligned for Success

The Leadership skills and tools you need to create a strong team and develop a culture of teamwork, accountability, learning, and collaboration

Do you struggle with these leadership challenges?

  • You know an engaged culture is vital to success, but you don’t know how to create one
  • You feel alone at the top managing the speed of business on your own
  • Employees are stressed responding to the sea of infinity and urgent of the day
  • You are losing key employees to other companies
  • Holding people accountable and keeping your team focused
  • You want to push decision making down, but don’t trust your employees

Create a Collective Commitment for Achieving Goals

Today’s dynamically changing world requires the unified efforts of a strong team. Leaders can build one by using the Engage, Empower, Encourage (E3) Leadership Framework which was forged out of Marc Koehler’s leadership experiences in the US Nuclear Submarine Force and as a successful turnaround CEO.
Work with your team to create a one page business plan and get your entire company fully engaged and 100% aligned
Instill three best practices to execute with discipline and foster a culture of teamwork, learning, and collaboration
Learn the three leadership skills you need to develop, coach, and mentor your employees to success


OPTION 1: Marc Koehler Onsite

Bring Founder Marc Koehler onsite to work directly with you and your leadership team to get everyone on the same page by facilitating one or all three phases of Lead With Purpose. Ideal for companies with 25 or more employees.

OPTION 2: Self-Directed Courses

Seven intuitive step-by-step courses walk you through the process of developing your One Page Alignment Plan, learning best practices, and obtaining the soft leadership skills needed today. The 6 week online courses let your team collaborate as you work at your own pace. Ideal for companies with less than 25 employees or people wanting to learn how to become a better leader.

OPTION 3: Personal Coaching

Unique coaching methodology built on Marc Koehler’s 30+ years of experiences as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer, Turnaround CEO, Husband, and Father to help you lead a more purposeful life. With Marc, you’ll develop a customized plan to help you achieve more success, harmony and balance. Depending on your needs, you’ll commit to weekly or monthly video calls with Marc working towards accountability milestones.


People fall in love with their work when they clearly understand how their company makes a difference in the world
"I Am Not Alone Anymore"
Bob Felix, President, All Area Plumbing Inc.
"I was able to take what was in my head and my vision for the company and simply share that with the employees who are now more passionate and focused. This has had a tremendous impact on every part of our company."
Help people see how the goals they have today link to the long-term inspiring story and then delegate responsibility.
"Focused on What Matters Most"
Todd Mattson, President, Pro-Line Racing
"After 8 years in business I finally have everyone on the same page. Each person now understand what their top 3 goals are, which has helped me to step out of the daily decision making."
Encourage people and recognize them for completing a goal or living your values. Help them push through failure.
"Our Culture is Much Stronger"
Bobbe Monteleone, President, Calmont
"We now recognize and reward our people based upon our Brand Purpose, Values, and completion of goals. Everyone connected to our plan receives an update so when a team member completes a goal, we celebrate."


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