Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get with the One-Page Family Plan?
On a single page, you focus your family around purpose and values that provide a moral compass to make decisions. We are all born with the desire to belong to a family, and this one page plan allows for you to truly become a stronger family.
How do I join?
What is the investment?
How do I pay?
When you click through to sign up, you will choose your plan and provide a credit card.
Once I have the plan, what is my next step?
Your next step is to execute the plan. You can join the second course to learn about Habits and Routines.
What is the Leadership Candidate School?
The entirety of the One Page Business plan and it’s courses are a part of the Leadership Candidate School. It is an online series of classes that will provide invaluable information and skills to lead you business with confidence and purpose.
When I complete the Leadership Candidate School, what can I get?
At the completion of the second course of Habits and Routines, you are awarded a certificate of completion.
Can I receive additional coaching from Marc?
Yes! You can reach out to Marc through our contact page.
Will Marc speak at my next event?
Yes! You can reach out to Marc through our contact page.


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