One Page Success Plan

Engage: One-Page Success Plan

Lead with Purpose Family Plan

OVERVIEW: The complexity and length of traditional business plans has 95% of employees feeling disconnected from their companies long-term inspiring vision and is why 80% of plans are poorly executed.  A One-Page Success Plan is the solution to help you get everyone connected, aligned, and moving down the same path and is the foundation for building a more engaged team, better equipped leaders, and a stronger company.

DESCRIPTION: 6-week course led by Founder Marc Koehler details the step-by-step process to distill your entire business onto a single page. The 10 year roadmap you create includes an inspiring story that engages employees around a common purpose and shared vision and a set of short-term goals to show everyone what their role is in making the story come true.

MATERIALS/RESOURCES: (Available to everyone at your company)

  • One Engage Leadership Manual
  • 70+ Instructional Videos
  • Leading With Purpose Book
  • 28 Worksheets / Templates
  • Full Business Example
  • 60 Day Access to E3 Leadership Platform
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No two businesses or leaders are exactly alike. At Lead With Purpose, we believe flexibility is the key for your success, so we offer three options for the One-Page Success Plan course. Whether it is the Self-Directed option where you work at your own pace or the Onsite option where founder Marc Koehler is at your business working directly with your team, we have everything you need.

Self Guided
Intuitive step-by-step course walks you through process of developing your plan. With a library of self-guided videos and training materials, the 6-week online program let’s your team collaborate as you work at your own pace.
1 on 1
Personalized guidance working directly with Founder Marc Koehler 1on1 to create your One-Page Success Plan. Through weekly calls and webinars, you’ll create the foundation for driving real change in your company.
$15,000 - $25,000
Bring Founder Marc Koehler onsite to work directly with you and your team and facilitate the entire Lead With Purpose process.

Let's Discuss Which Level Is Best For You!