Habits & Routines

Empower: Habits & Routines

OVERVIEW: Your One-Page Success Plan provides the blueprint for success, but your plan is only as good as your ability to implement. The Empower Courses teach a set of Habits and Routines that you and your team will instill in your business so you can collectively manage the speed of change, execute the plan with discipline, and drive sustainable results.

DESCRIPTION: The Empower curriculum addresses the seven most overlooked and underutilized best practices for today’s business climate. Each online course uses a combination of resources including videos and templates that you can begin using in your business right away.

MATERIALS/RESOURCES: (Available to everyone at your company)

  • Intuitive step-by-step coursework and modules
  • One Empower Leadership Manual
  • 7 Courses with 100+ Instructional Videos
  • 100+ Worksheets / Templates
  • Course List Below
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Working towards your Excellence in Leadership Certification , you’ll complete three mandatory courses and have access to an additional four courses to help you instill best business practices and structure. These include:


  • 2.1 Effective Meetings
  • 2.2 Recognition Systems
  • 2.3 Hiring/Onboarding


  • 2.4 Time Management
  • 2.5 Dashboards / KPI’s
  • 2.6 Lean Culture
  • 2.7 Conflict Resolution

It’s time to build an actionable framework for creating a forward-focused business that can adapt to change and produce the next generation of high-performing leaders.


No two businesses or leaders are exactly alike. At Lead With Purpose, we believe flexibility is the key for your success, so we offer two options for the Habits & Routines courses. Whether it is the Self-Directed option where you work at your own pace or the Onsite option where founder Marc Koehler is at your business working directly with your team, we have everything you need.

Self Guided
$495 per Course
Intuitive step-by-step coursework walks you through each of the Habits & Routines. Includes a library of self-guided videos and supporting templates that you can implement in your business right away.
~$5,000 per Course
Bring Founder Marc Koehler onsite to work directly with you and your team and facilitate the Habits & Routine Courses.

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