5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Life Forever

5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Life Forever

Hi. It’s Marc from Lead With Purpose. You know it said that a messy room or office makes a messy mind. What if you can reduce the clutter in your life by about thirty to forty percent. You know, just think of the impact that that would have for you.

Now, the Lead With Purpose methodology is helping you to declutter the business part of your life. Because you only have one page, you’ve had to choose what is most important and only those things that make a difference in the world sit on your single page plan. Now there’s a similar methodology for organizing and decluttering your family and your personal life.

My wife and I were going through our annual spring time cleaning ritual and we came across the Konmari Method. This is detailed in the New York Times best seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and we decided, “Hey. Let’s give it a shot.” Marie Kondo, she’s the author. Her entire life, she’s had a passion for organizing. Out of this passion and her experiences helping people, she created a simple and powerful methodology that has helped millions of people declutter their lives forever.

Now, we’re fortunate enough to live in San Diego so there isn’t a lot to do outside to get ready for spring and summer, but things do collect in our house. Even though we consider ourselves to be pretty clean, following this process made such a big impact that I want to share I with our community.


The keys to our approach are these:

Create A Vision

Create a vision in your head of what you want to accomplish and an image of what it will look and how it will feel to be decluttered and organized.

Declutter By Category

Do all the clothes first, then the books, then the disposables, then your papers, pictures, sentimental items. She has an entire list for you to follow.

Place Item In the Middle Of The Room

When you’re doing a category, put all the items in the category in the middle of a room. As an example for clothes, pull your clothes from all over the closets and drawers in the house, not just a specific room. I got to tell you, it’s visually powerful to see this.

Does This Item Spark Joy?

To determine whether to keep an item or not, grab each one in your hand and ask the question, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t spark joy, you need to discard it.

Store Items You Keep

Store the items you are going to keep and then move on to the next category.

My wife and I are pretty tidy and clean so we weren’t sure what the results would be. For clothes, I took all of my clothes and laid them out and took each piece of clothing and ask whether it would spark joy. For me, this was a much easier evaluation question versus in the past, I’d ask, “Hey. Will a certain tie from the 1980s, maybe it will come back in style, so I’ll keep it.”

I was able to fill three full trash bags. About thirty percent of my clothes. For books, we gathered all of them on the floor and we decluttered approximately forty percent of the books. My wife and I went through and followed the list of all the other categories.

The best part of doing this is the feeling I have because our space is much cleaner and less cluttered. Now in the morning, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time or being distracted when I’m choosing what I’m going to wear because I don’t have these old clothes that I’m never going to wear again taking up space in my closet and my mind.

The book’s got a lot of other good tips, like how to store seasonal clothes and how to fold your socks properly. I’d recommend you grab a copy for yourself and your team. It retails for 19.99 and you can read this in your daily meeting. We cherish more the things that we have when we remove the things that are not relevant. This book made a big impact for us and I believe it will make a big impact in all areas of your life and the lives of your people.

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